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"i believe in getting into hot water; it keeps you clean." (henry miller)

"Joy cometh in the morning." Psalms 30:5

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I'm not crazy and you're not nice
29 September 1980
"i wonder..." questions, 10s and 2s, adhd, amélie, annie dillard, antiques, appalachia, arguing, basil, beech trees, bioluminescence, buffy the vampire slayer, c-wing, cameras, chocolate-covered espresso beans, color, crayons, curls, dark chocolate, darkrooms, dictionaries, dirt, disreputable dogs, dorks, downtime, driving familiar roads, eastern kentucky, ellipsis, estrogen pasta fiesta!, family recipes, fireflies, firm handshakes, fixable problems, fixing problems, flawed logic, folk music, fork bracelets, fruit tea, garth nix, gendered communication, geologic phenomena, georgia red clay, good haircuts, good water pressure, grass, griffin & sabine, hair, harper's weekly review, harry potter, hoberman spheres, home-made blueberry butter, how a girl smells, hydration, incandescent light, ineffability, intelligent babies, jeanette winterson, jelly man kelly, jennifer crusie, kentucky, kuna, kya, labyrinths, laughing really hard, liberals, lightning, lips, liz phair, lizzie the wonder dog, long hugs, longwood gardens, loquacious brown &the newfangledaffair, lotus blossoms, louisville, mary louise parker, michaelmas daisies, mountain roads, mr sketch scented markers, mute buttons, nalgene bottles, naps, national public radio, new harmony indiana, night, nku, non-profit sector, pea coats, people who care, peppermint, pesto, philanthropy, photography, politics, polka dots, properly pluralized phrases, purple, puzzle rings, rain, reading, republicans for voldemort, righteous babes, ripe purple plums, robin mckinley, running a con, salsa, sarongs, schoolhouse rocks, seedless red grapes, sesame street, singing out loud, sisters, slackerdorks, sleeping, sleeping naked, soup, sparks, splc, stomp, strange beauty, stripes, strong winds, swingsets, swirls, taking a stand, tangy-sweet pineapples, tank tops, terrible puns, the hustle, the juiciest peaches, the moon, the pause that refreshes, the perfect quote, the stars, the way autumn smells, the ya-yas, thunderstorms, touch, uppity women, water, weather phenomena, well thought-out titles, west wing, you, zephyrs, ΠΩΡΝ

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